2016 Garden Grove Mental Health Conference: Tips On Overcoming Phobias

Before attending the 2016 Garden Grove Mental Health Conference, I expected to see three things. One, the statistics and reports concerning the number of individuals who are dealing with various psychological and psychiatric disorders. Two, the innovations made with the treatments for different conditions. Three, the testimonies of the people who used such methods to heal. After all, that’s the typical progression of activities in such functions.

It was a welcome surprise, for that reason, to hear the speakers talk about getting rid of mental disorders naturally. Here are the tips they gave when it comes to overcoming phobias.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Expose Yourself To Your Fears 

The first thing you need to consider trying is exposing yourself to an object, animal, or activity that causes your anxiety. It can take place indirectly, which means you will look at pictures and videos of other people experiencing what you cannot do. In case you are feeling brave, you may go to the location where the thing you are afraid of resides. You don’t have to do anything at all if you are still not ready, but not running away from the scene is a positive sign.

2. Remind Yourself That Others Can Do What You’re Afraid Of

It will not hurt to talk to yourself and keep on saying that “Others do not fear this thing, so why should I?”. There is no way to guarantee that it will work the first time, but the more you tell yourself that, the higher your chances are of genuinely believing it.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Gain Motivation And Support From Loved Ones

When both tricks above fail to encourage you even to take a step towards the thing you are most fearful of, you should then enlist the assistance of your friends and family members. You can confide to them why you are afraid of something, and they can give you tips to handle your next encounter with it better. Furthermore, it is not too much to ask these people to be around when you face your fears so that you won’t feel alone while doing it.


Try to overcome your phobias now to be able to experience more things in life. Good luck!