Is Your Partner’s Obsession On The Supernatural A Sign Of Mental Illness? 

Throughout our lives, some things would entirely shake us to our core, those unexpected chilling moments that cannot be explained even by modern science. It is how supernatural beliefs were formed because not everything is explainable by a rational explanation.  




Way back before the improvement of science, these beliefs already existed. But as time went by, each hypothesis was debunked one by one. However, some people still have an irrational belief in the supernatural even if these things were already disproved by experts.  

 A large majority of people operate with belief systems or world views that are inconsistent, and, although some use of reason pervades the rationale of most people, rationale for beliefs is not necessarily tied to fact. — Ann Olson Psy.D.

This obsession with relating everyday phenomena to supernatural things can lead to serious problems, and can even be a sign of mental illness. If your partner has a more than usual obsession with supernatural elements, you might want to learn more about how to identify it, as well as help your partner in overcoming this obsession. 


Supernatural Belief As A Mental Hazard 

Some people up to this day still believe that illnesses are caused by some supernatural elements. However, a study says that most often than not, some of these illnesses are in fact caused by explainable things, such as childhood trauma. In fact, when these illnesses believed to be caused by supernatural elements were cured with modern medicine, it showed progress and excellent results. 


Believing in the supernatural may not instantly be on the top of the list when it comes to mental illness diagnoses, but it sure is one of the signs. Pure fascination on unexplained phenomena may still be reasonable, like contemplating on some of the world’s bizarre events.  

 My superstition was doing something for me- reducing anxiety- and perhaps making me feel that I had some control over something when I in fact had none. — Emily Green Psy.D.



But if your partner starts saying weird supernatural things on seemingly random occasions, or starts seeing hallucinations, you may want to ask him about it. If you’ve confirmed that he does believe in what he is saying, you might want to consult with your psychologist as soon as possible, as this may be a sign of a mental illness hiding in plain sight. 




Steps In Dealing With Your Partner’s Obsession On The Supernatural 

If your partner is dealing with an unhealthy obsession with supernatural, such as thinking he has superpowers, you might want to encourage him to see a doctor. It will be helpful if you are there along the way throughout this sessions and therapies.  




At some point, you might feel like enabling his beliefs so they wouldn’t go away, but it is never the best way to deal with the problem. Empowering your partner’s beliefs might lead him to believe that he does have these powers, or that whatever he is hearing or seeing is real. He may end up hurting himself, or other people.  

 Some of us may display our gently eccentric behaviors and proclaim, “That’s just how I roll.” Our more destructive behaviors we do in secret and explain to no one. — Teri Woods Ph.D.

The best thing you can do for your partner at this time is to support them progressively, that is, offering them your utmost love and patience at this troubling time. At the same time, going with them in every therapy to check if they are making progress is the best thing you could do. It may be hard and tiring, but just know that everything gets better through time, and for every rain, there comes sunshine.