The Internet And Mental Health


The 2019 World Internet Conference was all about talks on the effects of the internet on our mental health. Obviously, the internet brought about a lot of good things in our lives. It has entertained us with various programs and applications. Work was made easy and convenient because of the internet. But how can it affect our mental health?

According to mental health experts, the internet and social media users are very advantageous, but it should be used moderately. There should be limitations when utilizing it. When we tend to overuse the internet and its tools, like being on screen for a long time, it will cause physical and psychological problems, especially on our young children. Their minds will be molded by something that might be false, and that they saw it on the internet.

Another way that the internet can take a toll on our mental health would be from reading too much information online or even researching your symptoms when you feel sick. This is not entirely bad because it is also through the internet that we get a bit of information if we feel something unusual. But always remember that there are doctors and medical facilities out there that can medically and accurately diagnose your symptoms. We really can’t rely solely on the information or sources that we read on the internet.


Too much gathering of online information also causes anxiety, especially for older people. Negative things may easily be stored mentally without knowing the facts first. Doctors from the conference advise to see doctors first and ask for the facts rather than solely believing what is written online.

The internet is a good avenue for people to reach out to faraway friends and families. Social media has become an essential tool to connect with people globally. But others also tend to use social media as an avenue for spreading false information and lies. And this information may cause trouble for our mental health. When we tend to think that the things we read or see is all about us or can destroy us, it is worrisome. Some people also get envious and compare their lives with others through online social mediums.

Experts suggest that one should contribute to eliminating negative things online by posting inspirational quotes or things that you are grateful for every day. Be contented. Put a smile on that face. And if you are having a hard time, there are mental health experts ready to assist.